Backup yourself!

We analyze and permanently store exact physiological and psychological data about a person in a decentralized cloud storage to get the opportunity to restore health and create a digital copy of a person with the help of new technologies in the future.

Collection of information


We conduct the most detailed examination of your body with DNA sequencing and recording of all possible indicators in the German clinic.


You are provided with the most important and detailed psychological tests that will help us better define the features of your personality.


Our neural networks analyze and record everything that you left on the Internet and your smartphone, every available message, photo, video, in order to save as much information about you as possible.

Digital personality imprint creation

Our complex neural networks will analyze all collected data to create a digital imprint of a client’s personality. This imprint will be as true and detailed as current technologies allow. It will also be continuosly updated with new information that we’ll continue to gather.

Memority data storage

Access only for you

All files are encrypted, and you are the only owner of a private key that is required to decrypt them.

Infinite storage

Data will be stored for 1,000 years or until the moment when it will be used.

Deletion protection

Storages keep 10 copies of every file and constantly check availability and authenticity of each one.

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